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SharePoint Social Tag Counters

The SharePoint Social Tag Counter project takes the social features from SharePoint 2010 to another level. It allows you to immediately show your SharePoint visitors how popular the content is with the help of Social "I like it" and "Tag" counters.
Caml Designer is a tool to build everything that can be used with CAML (at the moment it's only caml queries).. #CamlDesigner

SharePoint 2010 BlobCache Manager

Manage your web application's blobcache settings directly in the central administration. A button will be added to the ribbon interface where you manage your web applications' blobcache settings.

SharePoint 2010 Enhanced Farm Solutions

This solution package will add more functionality to your farm solutions management. This is an addition to the already existing solution management that SharePoint 2010 offers, so that everything can be done in the browser..

SharePoint 2010 Query Correlation ID - CA Page

This project adds a central admin page which helps you query correlation IDs over the whole SharePoint farm.

Ventigrate Public Repository

This is the public repository for Ventigrate, a Belgian IT service provider active in SharePoint Solutions, Web Applications, Rich Internet Applications and Integrated Solutions. This repository contains solutions and techniques that were developed by emp

Visual Studio plugin: BCS Builder

Use this visual studio extension to generate the Business Data Catalog Model file by examining your entity classes.

SharePoint Correlation ID View Webpart (1260 downloads)

Enables a site action menu and custom webpart in your SharePoint environment.


This project allows you to filter results on the developer dashboard.

SPResourceTranslator (SharePoint Resources File Translator)

This tool enables you to translate your sharepoint resource files automatically to a another language. A new translated resx resource files will be created based next to the orgininal selected resource file.

Webservice Xslt Transformer WebPart for SharePoint 2010

The Dynamic Web service Xslt Transformer Web Part makes it much easier for SharePoint Developers and Administrators to call any web service and transform the returned xml directly to HTML by providing your own custom xslt.

SmartTools for SharePoint 2010

The SmartTools for SharePoint 2010 project is a collection of SharePoint 2010 extensions to make your life as a SharePoint user, developer or administrator a little bit easier!